Hvert år udgiver vi en Opel kalender, der sendes til alle medlemmer, sammen med årets sidste klubblad. Den indeholder billeder af medlemmernes biler – som de selv har indsendt.
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Træf kalenderen herunder, indeholder datoer for kommende klubtræf, samt for stumpemarkeder, hvor klubben er repræsenteret med en stand. Endvidere også enkelte træf hvor klubbens medlemmer, via klubben, er inviteret til at deltage. Kalenderen opdateres løbende.

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Bremen Classic Motorshow MESSE BREMEN,
feb 2 kl. 09:00 – feb 4 kl. 18:00

MESSE BREMEN | Bremen Classic Motorshow 2024


New: Young fans get their own dedicated space

Special shows focus on 50-ccm mopeds and Lancia cars

Wednesday, 11 October 2023 · The Bremen Classic Motorshow will once again kick off the classic vehicle season in Germany in 2024. From Friday 2 to Sunday 4 February 2024, the doors at MESSE BREMEN will open for the 22nd Classic Motorshow. Visitors can expect not only the traditional, excellently curated special shows for motorbikes and cars, but also a completely new feature. For the first time, a 400 square-metre area in a prime position in Hall 4 will be taken over by a group of young classic car enthusiasts.

This is a conscious move by the BCM team to engage a new generation. “Everybody’s talking about the fact that the community’s getting older, and saying we need more young people”, says Frank Ruge, Project Manager of the Bremen Classic Motorshow. “We’re not just talking. We’re giving young fans free rein to do their thing on their own presentation space!” There’s only one condition: The vehicles they display must be at least 20 years old. Around twelve men and women between the ages of 25 and 35 are on board with the project. They come from diverse backgrounds: retail, motor sports, journalism, tuning and restoration.

Special show spotlights Lancia
The Classic Motorshow has always included special shows, and next year will of course be no exception. This time, the four-wheel special show will be dedicated to the history of Italian car manufacturer Lancia. The vehicles on show will cover a time frame from the pre-war period to the 1990s. The over 100-year history of Lancia in vehicle manufacturing can be roughly divided into two eras. Up to its sale to Fiat in the 1960s, Lancia was the technology leader. Under the wing of Fiat, a period of motor-racing success followed. The show at the BCM will map this development with selected models, once again achieving the quality visitors have come to expect.

First steps in motorised mobility
The two-wheel special show highlights a class that was many people’s first introduction to motorised mobility: 50-ccm mopeds. In cooperation with the PS.SPEICHER in Einbeck and private lenders, the team will put together a show guaranteed to trigger fond memories for many visitors. They’ll be able to see mass-market models from e.g. Zündapp, Kreidler and Hercules as well as genuine rarities such as mopeds from Gritzner.

The Young Classics section and the Classic Custom Motorcycle Lounge will also make a reappearance next year. And of course, visitors can also look forward to the established favourites: the huge Autojumble and Classic Vehicle Mart in the multi-storey car park.

More: https://www.classicmotorshow.de/en/

Please add the Bremen Classic Motorshow to your events calendar:
Date:                           Friday 2 to Sunday 4 February 2024
Opening hours:             9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Venue:                         MESSE BREMEN, Findorffstr. 101, 28215 Bremen
Ticket prices:               Online: € 16, reduced € 14Ticket desk: € 18, reduced € 16; Friday and Saturday from 3 p.m. at the ticket desk: € 9; Family ticket: € 38 (2 adults + 4 children)

About the Bremen Classic Motorshow: Since 2003, the Bremen Classic Motorshow has become established as the first classic vehicle trade show of the year in Germany. Over three days every year, collectors and grease monkeys, first-time fans and long-term enthusiasts, dealers and restorers, clubs and friends get together in the MESSE BREMEN halls to chat and talk shop in a relaxed atmosphere. In 2023, the classic vehicle show achieved a new record: 46,407 visitors. Some 730 exhibitors from around Europe ensured a wide-ranging, varied programme. Due to the Covid pandemic, the BCM team were forced to cancel the live event in 2021 and 2022. Instead, they put together an online event in the form of a livestream.

Further information for editorial teams:
Bastian Mojen, phone +49 421 3505 – 445

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