Historic Opel Club Denmark is an non-political interest and entusiast club, founded in october 1984.

We aim to collect, perserve and bring about information regarding motoraised viehacles of the brand Opel. All to the benefit of the club members. This includes technical material, eg. Shop manuals, help in aquaring new or used spare parts, or what ever the indivudual member may express as his or her need.

The subscription for membership is DKK 300,- a year (aprox. €40,-). That is less than a tankful of fuel…

A membership includes the household. This means, that everybody living in the house can partisapate i our meetings.

The club has more than 500 members from all areas of Denmark. We also have members from Norway, Sweden and the Nederland.

The cars of our members rain form around 1930 and forth. The majority however is representing the period form 1950 to 1975. Our youngest car is from 1998.

We do NOT make any requariments as to the age or condition of your car. Everybody is welcome, even people without a car.

As a mamber you resive or club magazine; “Tin & Platinum”. It is published 4 times a year. Our editor aims to make the publications versatile, including all relevant informations regarding the club and it’s activeties. “Tin & Platinum” also contains a bye & sell sction for both cars and spare parts.

The social aspects. This is a club where the entire family can participate in our venues; it is our aim, that it be fun and “hyggeligt” for all.

During the summer, we meet at numerous venues throughout the kingdom. Our biggest venue is the annual gathering held in the Whitsuntide weekend. It is usually held on a camping site, where the club puts up a party tent. During the gathering, different forms of joyful activities are planed. This includes a drive, sometimes planed as an orienteering race of classical nature.

Historic Opel Club Denmark is also a member of MhS (National automotive council). MhS is an umbrella organisation for all Danish automotive clubs. They are also the Danish member of the international organization for historical motor vehicles, FIVA. MhS upholds contact with the authorities regarding taxation of vehicles, historical licence plates and other matters.

Historic Opel Club Denmark also cooperates with insurance companies, to obtain favourable prices on our cars insurance.

Sounds like something for you? You can join the club here.